Our Capabilities


Design & Engineering

Our design team utilizes the latest in both 3D and 2D applications: 3d Max, SolidWorks, Auto CAD and Adobe Creative Suite help us create high quality presentations for our customers.

We consider all factors including cost, manufacturing, function, usage, packaging and delivery to give the best solution for our customers.



When you come to Co-Innovate with just a spark of an idea such as a handwritten drawing or a rendering, our professional Design and Engineering team will create custom digital prototypes according to your needs.

Utilizing CNC and Laser Cutting Machine, we can create a 3D model of your future products.



We have several turret presses, laser cutting machines, shears, brake presses, and coil fed stamping machines as part of our manufactuing line.

Co-Innovate is committed to constantly improving our manufacturing efficiency, which translates into shorter lead times and lower cost for our customers.


Quality & Schedule Control

The pride of our company is our Quality Control and Assurance Team.

This team provides services such as on-site inspections throughout the entire process through packing and can do 100% inspection when needed.

We always want to achieve the schedule we provide so we put a lot of effort into process management, to ensure the goods can be completed and shipped on schedule.


Logistics Network

We work with the best logistics companies in China to make sure your goods are handled properly at the best shipping and
forwarding cost possible.

We constantly provide you with the status of your shipment, proper documentation, etc.


One Stop Shop

We provide you with a fully trained customer service specialist, so that any issues about the goods we shipped can be monitored and quickly resolved..

Any issues that arise will be noted and corrected thus ensuring goods that are better and better in the future.

We are committed to continuous improvement.

We are always happy to help our customer be successful and can manage the challenge of any new products and ideas.

We can truly be the one stop shop you feed for global sourcing.

Our Services

Our expertise is to work together with you,
We will be your best partner!

We abide by commercial ethics.
We supply 100% effort to assist you on achieving your goals.
We keep your business information and processes confidential.
We will never contact your customers directly unless you permit.

Professional, efficient, intimate!

  • Products: POP display racks, retail store fixture, building and agriculture implements, outdoor products, and more.
  • Product Line: Stamping product line, Wire and metal products line; Powder coating line; Assembling and Packing line.

  • R&D: Fast prototype and sampling, design based on customers’ ideas or renderings, reverse engineering, optimized design for manufacturing and assembly, CAD capabilities of new product design and product customization, assembly sheet design, package design and assessment.
  • Quality Assurance: we have a complete process control system from the materials, to manufacturing, inspection on small batches to find out potential issues and correct them in bulk production. QA inspection for bulk production to ensure every element is okay before loading. report every step to the customer to let the customer instantly know the goods well.
  • Lead Time: 7~10 days to make prototype; about 5 weeks to ship the goods after the approval of prototype, depending on order quantity and manufacturing complexity.
  • RFQ: 24 hours to 2 days depending on design and manufacturing complexity.
  • Delivery capacity: 40+ containers per month.
  • Service time: 24 hours x 7days.